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www.spanking-pass.com Beautiful young models from eastern Europe

The focus in these exclusive videos is entirely on the act of spanking. The spanking is never secondary to sex or foreplay. It's the whole focus of the video. The girls are typically bent over with their bare asses in the air while a man or woman uses their open hand, paddle, or cane on the girl's ass. I love how you can hear the girls whimpering in pain as their ass begins to glow a deep red color. The canings are intense. You can actually see the welts take shape after the asses are swatted by the cane. This stuff is the real deal.  (hoes.com)

This site of ours is the one where everything can be done. When we decided to start this site, it got the name Spanking Experience to not narrow our possibilities. Here we can try any new form as we already did it several times based on our subscribers’ ideas and requests. The spanking is harder than average, more than erotic but not sadistic. Our cast are mostly amateurs and exclusive girls. You can find them only here. In appearance they are varied, all types can be found among them from the models of world-known sexmagazines to the simple girl next door ones. (Andrew & Alex - Spanking Experience)
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These babes are taking it to the bum! Spanking Casting highlights the honeys that are wearing those lovely shades of crimson from what they're calling severe punishment, and what I'm calling... painful! They pledge throughout their tour that membership will bring you images and videos in nice quality to show you the tears of torment they swear are real and not falsified in any manner.  (hoes.com)

The present-day form of the Spanking Casting was formed based on our subscribers’ requests. We got lots of requests that they would like to get to know our models by interviews which are based on questions related to sex and spanking. We fulfilled it by setting up the questions interactively based on our visitors’ requests. The way itself was also specified based on the request: the girls are to choose the implements with which they want to get on the casting but a really hard spanking. It became harder than the Experience but we did not give up our principles as we aimed at naturalness here as well. (Andrew & Alex - Spanking Casting)

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Finally, I’ve found a spanking site which doesn’t ride those well-known shorter or longer stories to death but comes up with a continuous story. After all, this is what web subscription is about. I pay in again and again because I want to know what will happen later on. The Family is a site which satisfies the fans of spanking, voyeur and eroticism equally. But for me as a fan of spanking, it becomes full by showing realistic punishments with beautiful girls. It is a real, spectacular site which satisfies all of my needs. (Erik - blogger)

We meant the Spanking Family to be a gap-filling undertaking. It is unique in all respects. There is no other site like this but it was also made interactively. The idea of the soap opera and the choice of the girls were prepared and set up based on our visitors’ request as well.
It became successful in two months. The long-term subscriptions prove that our visitors are curious about the story of the Brown family, though the real knots have just become. After getting to know their everyday life, such characters and hard erotic elements will come of which they do not even think about. All this is spiced with hard spanking continuously. Enjoy!
(Andrew & Alex - Spanking Experience)
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